Marriage Preparation Course - Time table 2020

Marriage Preparation Course - Time table 2020



St. Thomas Forane Church, Dharmaram, Christ School Road, Bangalore 560 029.


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Dear Friends,

The Eparchy of Mandya conducts Marriage Preparation Courses at St. Thomas Forane Church, Christ School Road, Bangalore every month. Usually the course begins at 2.15 PM on the Friday preceding the Second Saturday of every month and concludes at 8.00 PM on the following Sunday. (Please note that in April 2020 the Marriage Preparation Course starts on the Third Friday of the month.) Though it is strictly speaking not a residential programme, on request, accommodation will be arranged for the participants. Those who would like to participate in the course may register their names online ( The course fee is Rs. 1500/- per person and it includes all course materials, lunch on Saturday and Sunday and the snacks, coffee/tea on all days. To get the certificate of the course, one has to bring a letter from their respective Parish Priest and one Stamp size photo and should attend all sessions in full. Those who have already fixed their marriages are encouraged to attend this course together.


The Course will be conducted on the following dates in 2020


10-12 January 2020

7-9 February 2020

13-15 March 2020

17-19 April 2020 *

8-10 May 2020

12-14 June 2020

10-12 July 2020

7-9 August 2020

11-13 September 2020

9-11 October 2020

13-15 November 2020

11-13 December 2020


Time Schedule:

Friday: 2.15 pm - 8.00 pm         Saturday: 8.45 am - 8.00 pm        Sunday: 8.45 am - 8.00 pm


For details, Please contact the Parish Office of St. Thomas Forane Church:

Ph.:080 4370 2482; email:;

Looking forward to welcoming you to this course,

Yours in Our Lord,

Fr. Benny Tharakunnel CMI                                                                              


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